Hey, so this is just a place for me to rant and fangirl over my fav books/ authors/ ships/ OTP’s/ etc. I hope to post lots of reviews, teasers, rants, and other various bookies stuff. So yeah! A little about me: 

Favorite Series: The Web of Hearts and Souls Series by Jamie Magee

Favorite genre: Paranormal

OTP’s (in no particular order): Jessa (TID), Wessa (TID), Clace (TMI), LandenXWillow (Insight), DravenXCharlie (See), Fax (Maximum Ride), EvaXRyan (What’s Left of Me), AlinaXthe Darkling (Shadow and Bone), AlinaXNickolai (Shadow and Bone), others that I am blanking on right now…

So if you have any questions just ask or whatever…



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