Thursday Quotables (8/28/14)

This meme is hosted by Bookshelf Fantasies ( This week I only read Origin and Opposition by Jennifer L. Armentrout, so the quotes are mostly Katy and Daemon quotes, but I am currently reading Shadows, so there are some Bethany and Dawson quotes. I am not a very philosophical person, so a lot of these are just quotes that I found funny.


“He was quiet as a ghost on a diet.” I am kind of paraphrasing because the bookmark fell out and I can’t find the quote again, but Bethany says that about Dawson in Shadows.

“Holy Alien Babies.” I am not even going to try and find a specific page for this, because I know Katy and Daemon say it all the time  anyways.

“Then Ash twisted toward Daemon, her cheeks flushed. ‘I can’t believe you’re allowing him to do this. Next thing we know, you’ll be dating a human.’

“Daemon burst out laughing. ‘Yeah, not going to happen.'” This is from Shadows and if you know ANYTHING about any of the other books, you know how hilarious this is.

“For the love of Human babies everywhere” Also from Shadows (I seem to be quoting that a lot) It’s Daemon’s twist on Katy’s usual Holy Alien babies, even though he hasn’t met her yet.



“His lips brushed my ear as he whispered a string of words that widened my eyes and scalded my cheeks. And I recognized the words.

“They were what he’d written on the note he’d passed to me in class so long ago.

“‘You game for that?’ he asked, eyes burning a luminous green. ‘I’m really hoping so. Been thinking about it for, like, two years. Don’t let me down, Kitten.’

“My heart thumped like thunder in my chest as I said the truest words ever. ‘I’m gmae for anything with you, Daemon Black'” Those were the very last words of the very last book in the series. *Dies* Katy and Daemon are perfection!

Those are a couple that popped into my head, hopefully next week I will do a better job marking the quotes I find, and finding more interesting ones as well.




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