End of 2014 Readathon Day 3

Hey hey hey! So I didn’t get that much reading done yesterday due to Christmas prep and such, I only got a couple of pages farther into Antigoddess. I also noticed that I forgot to include a reread of a favorite book from 2014, and although I read this for the first time in 2013, this was the first book I read in 2014, which is Insight by Jamie Magee (my absolute favorite book of all time). I started reading that last night and am now 29% done. Today’s challenge was to spell out a christmas themed word with the names of books you’ve read this year. I wanted to try a longer word, but never had the right letters, so here is mine:

F irst World
R edeemed
O pposition
S omething Strange and Lovely
T empted
I lluminosity
E ternal Flame

See? Like Frostie the Snowman? Might not be how you are supposed to spell it but I didn’t have a Y book. Comment your words/books or links if you did it.



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