Redefined by Jamie Magee

Redefined 1 Redefined 2

Goodreads Synopsis: In a desperate search for silence in the closing chapters of Synergy Charlie battled her ultimate fear and left the only sanctuary she has ever known. She has paid a devastating price for that fateful move. She lost her foundation.

As Charlie tries to comprehend the agonizing grief that is engulfing her soul she realizes that her entire life was an orchestration designed to protect her from the evil that is hunting her now. Before Charlie can begin to comprehend the unspeakable danger that is on the horizon she must first overcome old fallacies and faltering bonds between the souls she holds closest to her heart. Within the mist of this chaotic transformation that brings demise to old revelations and births new allies Charlie can only grasp two certainties. The first: nothing will ever be the same again. The second: battles that she has won are nothing compared to the perilous war that awaits her.

Will Charlie be able to withstand this war before her when everyone and everything she has ever known has been redefined?

My Rating: 5 stars

I am assuming that if you are reading this review, that you have read my review on enflame, if not, you might want to check that one out first, to understand my complete and utter adoration of these books, and this author. But I just wanted to put this one out there to say that none of these books have let me down yet, and Redefined was no exception. Charlie and the gang continue to amaze me through out these books, with a new plot twist around every page.

Overall: Great book, great story, please buy these books, they are utter perfection!!



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