The Lost by James Patterson

the lost

Goodreads Synopsis: It’s Witch versus Wizard this time, in the fifth and final installment of James Patterson’s bestselling magical series!

Whit and Wisty Allgood have fought and defeated their world’s most pernicious threats: the evil dictator, The One Who Is The One, as well as his wicked father and son. But just as the heroic witch and wizard start to settle into their new roles in governance, a deadly crime wave grips their city, with all signs pointing to a magical mastermind every bit as powerful and heartless as The One. Now the siblings find themselves persecuted as the city turns against all magic users, and questioning everything, including each other–and, for the first time, their abilities. Can they confront the citizens’ growing hostility and their own doubts in time to face the new enemy barreling toward their gates?

My Rating: 4.5 stars

This book was freaking emotionally draining! The only reason I didn’t give this book five stars, is because Whit and Wisty make some EXTREMELY stupid decisions that were just painful to read about. I was shocked when I first found out about this book because the only thing I saw about it was a post on his facebook page saying “the fifth is coming…” No goodreads info, no google info, nothing. Just four words. I wasn’t expecting a lot because and didn’t love the fourth book, in the supposed trilogy, now saga. But boy was I wrong. There is a whole new plot, but at the same time, old favorites were dragged into the mix, that just threw me for a loop. THE FREAKING ENDING WAS HUGE AND OH MY FREAKING GOD!! I adored this series, it was only my second dive ever into the YA genre, after his other series, Maximum Ride. James Patterson was the first author who started my obsession with books, so I cried when I realized that this was the final one in this series that I have been following for four years now. But even though I was upset that it was over, I still think that it was a great way of ending things (even though MANY tears were shed over it).

Overall: I would definitely recommend this series, and if you stopped reading after The Fire, I know The Kiss isn’t as good, but stick with it to get to The Lost because it is worth it.



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