Winter Reads

So we just got over two feet of snow today, so we don’t have any school. Which obviously led me to curling up with my book (Rivulet by Jamie Magee), and a hot chocolate in my Jace mug. Personally, I hate the snow, but it is nice for days like these when I can observe the beauty from the window rather than braving the cold. It also got me wondering; what are your favorite winter reads/ what do you do on a cold winter day? Any favorites to read snuggled up by a fire? Do you prefer to read a contemporary or paranormal? Or maybe a summery read to escape the frigid temperatures outside. Is there a certain genre that you like to read? Tell me in the comments! I actually don’t read anything specific, usually just whatever I happened to be reading at the time. Though whenever I think of a nice winter read (since I am not a huge contemporary fan) I usually think of a historical fiction. I’m not really sure why, but that’s just me.

For those of you buried under all this snow, good luck. And for those of you with good weather, could you send some up here, please, because I am extremely jealous of you right now. I have no idea why we live here because the weather is horrific. Anyways, my fingers are getting cold, so I am going to go hide under a blanket.



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