Versatile Blogger Award

Thanks to Emalie over at for nominating me. Sorry for taking so long to do this, I have been crammed with AP tests and finals because of all of my honors and AP classes I took this past year. It is summer break now, but I am also taking summer school to get ahead and free up my schedule for some fun classes. Anyways, let’s just get into it.

Here are the rules of the tag:

Add the Versatile Blogger Award picture to your post.

Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to their blog. (Optional: and follow them)

Share 10 random facts about yourself.

Nominate 15 other bloggers relatively new to blogging.

Let the bloggers know that you’ve nominated them.

And these are the 10 facts about me:

1. I am going to be a Junior in High School this coming school year. 

2. My name, Emily Rose, is part of the title of a horror movie that came out after I was born: “The Exorcism of Emily Rose”.

3. I am a grammar nerd when I read, meaning that I notice all the little grammar mistakes in books I read. It’s kind of ironic, considering I suck at grammar in my own writing. 

4. I have social anxiety. 

5. I am 5’4″. 

6. I play beach volleyball. 

7. I want to learn Latin. 

8. My Dad’s side of the family is from Luxemburg (IdrisXD)

9. I want to major in computer forensics in college. 

10. I am a Leo. 
I know this is kind of a cop out, but I don’t know a lot of new bloggers, so I am just going to tag anyone that sees this and hasn’t done it. Sorry:(
P.S. I am going to try and pre-write a bunch of posts for this summer so I can get more stuff in with my busy schedule. Thanks for being patient with me. 



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