A Survey of Habits

This tag was created by Claire and Nikki over at Bitches with Books. I saw this over at Jessica’s Rainbow Inspiration. I thought it would be a fun tag that I could do for the summer. So here we go:

1) Coffee or Tea?
I don’t really drink either one often, but I would have to say Tea. 

2) Do you like to read at a specific time during the day?

I read whenever I have time to sit down and read, which has unfortunately become a rare occurrence. 

3) What’s your favorite reading position?

I am a little monkey when I am reading, so I am constantly wiggling around in my seat. I can’t sit in the same position for very long. 

4) Do you have a favorite place to read?

On my bed, in my room would have to be my favorite place. 

5) Do you read ahead or skip pages?

Not on purpose, but I skip a couple lines accidentally some times. 

6) Do you listen to music while reading?

Yes, I have music playing 24/7. 

7) Can you read in crowds?

It depends what I am reading. Some books require more concentration than others. 

8) One book at a time or several at once?

Several at once, but that sometimes means I put down others for months at a time to finish a good book. 

9) Do you buy second-hand books?

Yes, I don’t have a job yet, so it is more cost-effective. 

10) Bookmark, random piece of paper, or dog ear?

Bookmarks and home-made bookmarks (aka notecards that I draw on to match the cover)

11) Do you write, underline or highlight in your books?

In school books sometimes, but other whys I only do that on my Kindle. 

12) Do you take notes (not written) in the book you are reading?

Again, only if I am reading on my Kindle. 

13) See the film first or read to watch?

Read to watch, because once I see it, it is harder for me to read it. 

14) Paperback or Hardback?

If I have wanted the book forever, then a hardback, but if it is an impulse buy, then paperback, because it is cheaper.

15) Hardcopy, audio, or ebook?

Preferably hard copy, but I read a lot of ebooks because they are cheaper. 

16) Own it or borrow it?

I want to own the books I read, but renting is cheaper so pros and cons to both. 

17) Do you reread?

All the time. 

18) Do you rate books on their objective merit or on your subjective feelings about it?

My own feelings, because after reading it, it is difficult for me to see it objectively. 

19) Character or plot focused?

It has to have both, because if a book has good characters but no plot, I can’t finish it, but the plot can’t go anywhere for me if it doesn’t have interesting characters moving it forward. 

20) Recommendation or blurb?

Recommendation, blurbs all usually say the same thing. 

21) Book trailers yes or no?

Yes, but I don’t rely on them. 

22) Does it matter to you whether the author is male or female?

Not at all, all that matters is the book. 

23) How do you organize your bookshelves?

By author, then by which books look good together, then by personal feelings (favorite books are near the top of my shelves)

24) Would you still read a book after coming across a spoiler?

It depends how badly I want to read the book and how big the spoiler is to the story. 

25) What’s your favorite way to find out about new books?

Goodreads, other blogs, or youtube. 

26) Do you recommend books to people based on what you think they will like or what you think they should read?

I recommend booms that I have enjoyed so I can talk to someone else about it. 

27) Have you ever bought a book only for the cover?

Yes, White Space by Isla Bick

So that’s the tag! Leave a link below if you did this, and I will check it out😄.


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