Thoughts on the Shadowhunters TV Show

Thoughts on Shadowhunters TV Show
So as you all probably know, The Mortal Instruments is getting another shot with a television show on ABC Family. At first, I thought that the show was going to suck, but I knew I would have to watch it anyways. When they started releasing the cast and set pictures, I started getting really excited and hopeful for the show. 
Jace: Dominic Sherwood

I wasn’t sure how I felt about Dom when I first saw him for two reasons. One, Jamie will always be my Jace (even though I knew he wouldn’t do the tv show), and two, Dom is my Christian Ozera. But now seeing him with our Clary and blonde hair, I think he will be a good Jace. At least I know he can act from the VA movie. 

Simon: Alberto Rosende 

I really like Alberto as Simon, because I think he looks perfect, especially in that picture of him with glasses. He hasn’t been in a lot, so I can’t say as of yet whether or not he can act, but looks are spot on. 

Izzy: Emeraude Toubia

I like Emeraude as Izzy, I think she looks like Izzy does in my head for the most part. I don’t think it should matter that she is Hispanic, she looks the part and as long as she can pull off Izzy’s badassery and her vulnerability, then we shouldn’t be complaining. 

Clary: Kat McNamara

 She looks like the perfect Clary! I liked Lily Collins as Clary, don’t get me wrong, but I feel like she looked a little older, even though they are aging the characters up in the show. The one thing that worries me about Kat is that I feel like she is a little to bright and cheery for Clary. In all her videos, Kat is super excited, which is great because she wants to be Clary, it’s just hard to picture her depressed and worried or in any negative situation like Clary is put in. I have seen her act in some Disney Channel movies, however, so I am sure that she can pull it off. 

Luke: Isaiah Mustafa

It came as a shock to me that Luke was black, but I don’t think it is something that will make or break the series. Luke being white isn’t something that Cassie stresses like she does with Jace’s blonde hair, Clary’s red hair, or Alec’s blue eyes. If Isaiah can play Luke the way he is meant to be, then his race shouldn’t matter. What does worry me is that he is supposedly a detective working on demon-related cases. The whole point of the shadowhunters is that the outside world doesn’t know they are protecting them. 

Alec: Mathew Daddario

 I don’t have a lot to say about Alec. I think he looks like Alec, but I haven’t seen him act, so we will see. 

Magnus: Harry Shum Jr.

 He is freaking Magnus! He looks perfect and is posting a bunch of pictures on snapchat, which is awesome. I know a lot of people said they saw him on Glee, but I haven’t seen him in anything, so I don’t know about his acting skills. 

Valentine: Alan Van Sprang

I saw him in Reign, and I think he can play the part. He isn’t how I pictured Valentine, but if he can act like Valentine, I think I can over look it. 

Jocelyn: Maxim Roy

Again, not a lot to say. I wish they died her hair a little more red, but it’s okay. I’ve never seen her act. Guess we’ll see about Jocelyn. 

Raphael: Jon Clay Harris

I am just happy we have a Raphael this time around. 
The pictures and stuff are making me super excited!



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