Weird Tales From a Book Dino #1: Goodreads vs Google


So I was originally thinking about doing this as kind of a “You Know You Are a Book Worm When…” type of thing, but I wanted to do some stories of mine that probably wouldn’t fit in that little category. Basically I am going to share with you weird things that have happened to me/ that I do involving my reading.

I first found Goodreads about 2 years ago I think, and I would go on there almost everyday; I joined a bunch of groups, did challenges, voted on polls, created lists, the whole deal. I would refresh the home pages over and over again to see if any of my 3 or so friends had some how miraculously managed to finish a book in the last three seconds. One day I went on to go on Google, and normally if I just type in the “goo” part, I can hit enter, and end up on the Google home page. But it turns out that I use Goodreads more than I use Google, so I ended up on the Goodreads home page instead (which lead to hours of scrolling through recommendations).

Has this happened to anyone else? Do you have a Goodreads account? Tell me down below which site you use more: Goodreads or Google?



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