Wierd Tales From a Book Dino #2: Death by Reading

Hello Peepsles! Happy Monday and welcome to another of my strange bookish tales!

During School, I don’t have a lot to read, which leads to a little creativity when I am in the middle of a good book (or any book for that matter). One of the ways I get around the time constraints, is reading during passing period. At my high school, we get five minutes to go from one class to the next. That is usually fine if you are going to stay in one hallway, but if you have to cross through the center of school, you have to duck and dodge to avoid being trampled. I like to read while I am walking to class, which can be interesting when I enter that part of the hallways. One of my friends likes to make fun of me for it, saying that I am going to get myself killed by reading so much. It is an ongoing joke, that whenever she sees me reading in the hallway, she will run over a take my book from me.

How many of you read and walk at the same time? Do you have any creative ways of reading at school/work when you are busy? Tell me in the comments!



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