Wierd Tales From a Book Dino #3: “Spoilery” Friends

Hello Peepsles! Happy Monday and welcome to another of my strange bookish tales!

One of my friends loves to read as much as I do, but tends not to care about giving or receiving spoilers. Whenever she sees me reading a new book, she picks it up and flips to the last page. She generally doesn’t tell me exactly what happens, but tends to scare the poop out of me. One time she told me that a character whose name started with a G was dying at the end of the book, THE TWO MAIN CHARACTERS’ NAMES STARTED WITH THE LETTER G! Another one of my friends reads it with her. That friend had told me about a certain book “You aren’t going to like the ending,” and my first friends goes, “Well, there is another book after it, so it shouldn’t be so bad,” alluding to the imminent cliffhanger ending, which left me terrified through the rest of the book. It drives me bat poop crazy sometimes!

Do you have any friends who do this to you, or are you that friend to someone else? Tell me below!


By the way, I realized I haven’t been doing this, buy 99% of the photos I use in my posts are from Google, so I don’t know who to give photo credit to, but unless it is a shelf picture or a picture of books I read/plan to read, I probably did not take it. I don’t mean to steal credit from anyone, so if I used one of your pictures, leave a comment on that post, and I will edit the post to give you credit. Sorry.


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