Wierd Tales from a Book Dino #4: Fan Art Fails

Hello Peepsles! Happy Monday and welcome to another one of my strange bookish tales!

I have tried many a time to make fan art, be it on the computer or just pencil and paper, but I have little to no artistic talent. I have tried to draw covers, symbols, even casts from the adaptations, but it never turns out the way I want it. I got one of my friends into reading last year, and recently got her to start coming to signings and stuff with me. By doing this, I showed her the huge fan art world. She started making her own, and photocopying them for me. She is freaking amazing at it!

Here is some of my attempted fan art:

DSCN0558 DSCN0559 DSCN0560 DSCN0561 DSCN0562

Versus her fan art that she gave me:

DSCN0563 DSCN0564

There is an obvious difference in quality, in my opinion.

Are you good at fan art? Show me some of your fan art in the comments, good or bad.



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