Destin Book Haul

I recently went on vacation with my family and some close family friends to Destin, Florida. While we were there, we stopped in some pretty cool stores and little shops. I picked up some cool books and book related items, so I thought I would haul them here.


So first I got The Book Lover’s Journal from a little bookshop in Seaside. I absolutely love it because it makes reviewing so much easier on here, and I am able to keep notes on my non ebooks in here, because I hate writing in my books.

Next I went to Books-A-Million for the first time and bought the original cover of Origin by Jennifer L Armentrout. I own the bind ups of the Lux books, but I have been trying to find the original covers as well, so when I was this one, I had to purchase it.

I also bought Crimson Bound (I actually bought Cruel Beauty back home at Sam’s Club but I wanted it in the picture anyways) from Books-A-Million. I was in the middle of Cruel Beauty, and I didn’t have any more books to read, so I decided to pick up this one, and I loved it.

I then bought a necklace inspired by Once Upon A Time. I doubt you can really tell from the picture, but it is Rumpelstiltskin’s dagger (so it is pre season 4 ending). I love Once Upon a Time, so I had to buy this when I saw it, plus it is super cute.

By now you can probably tell that Books-A-Million got a lot of my money on this trip, but the last thing I bought, which isn’t in the picture, was a black t-shirt that says “If you don’t imagine, nothing happens at all.” from Paper Towns by John Green. I had just finished that book in the car ride on the way to Destin, and my friend was having her birthday party that weekend, and going to see that movie with me, so of course I bought it. Plus it was only ten dollars.

Finally a purchase that wasn’t at Books-A-Million. I bought this cute, hand-made leather journal from a little stand from the Harbor Walk Village. I adore leather bound notebooks, and I have wanted one forever, so when I was this little nautical themed one, I knew I had to get it.

So that was my little vacation book haul. Tell me what you guys think of any of the things I got. Have you read any of the books I got?



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