I am finally reading Harry Potter!!

I know, I know I should have read it a while ago, but at least I am reading it now! I have seen all the movies and absolutely loved them, so a while back, I read the first book, but here’s the thing, I HATED Dobby! He scared me so much when I was younger that I couldn’t get through the second book. Even now I still can’t watch the second movie, because he gives me nightmares. I used to be scared to go in my room at night because I thought that I would find him jumping on my bed and he would disappear, trashing my room or something.

Anyways, now that I have explained how I managed to go sixteen years without reading the Harry Potter books, I can finally get to reading them! My friend and I determined that we are going to read them over break, because she has never read them either, and our families are going to Universal together this summer, so we have to finish all of them before we go. She is ahead of me right now, almost done with the fourth one, while I just finished the second book, but I figured posting something on here might keep me accountable (not that that has ever really worked in the past).

If you’ve read it, who’s your favorite character? What’s your favorite book? Did you like the movies? If you haven’t read it, you should start reading them so we can read them together!



2 thoughts on “I am finally reading Harry Potter!!

  1. I went 18 years without reading them OR seeing the movies. My mom wouldn’t let me have anything to do with Harry Potter. My freshman year in college, I went all out. All 7 books in the first semester. Then all the movies. It’s fantastic. You’ll enjoy it!

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