Christmas Bookish Haul!


I thought I would show you guys all of the Bookish things I got for Christmas this year, so here they are!


The first thing I got is this cute blanket from Barnes and Noble with famous quotes on it. It is so cozy, I literally carried it around with me all day. Plus, it smells like books. My family thought I was insane, because I kept sniffing it all day.


The next thing I got was the Paper Towns movie. I have been pestering my parents about this, because I want my mom to watch it with me, and now she can!


This one is one of the best gifts I got for Christmas! I got Morozova’s collar from Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo. My mom was asking me what I wanted for Christmas and we found this amazing website called Hebel Design that sells a whole bunch of amazing book inspired jewelry. I freaked out when I saw this collar, but then I saw the price. It wasn’t an unfair price for the amount of work that must have gone into this, but it was $72. I immediately told my mom that I wasn’t expecting her to get me it, because I hate getting really expensive gifts because I always feel guilty, so when I opened it up on Christmas morning, I was completely shocked and over joyed to find out she had bought it.


Whenever a holiday comes around, my family always asks what I want, and I usually tell them I don’t want anything, but this year, I asked for the new shadowhunters covers (they are just too beautiful to pass up). I couldn’t be happier with them. My mom wasn’t too happy with my choice because I already own all of the old covers, but I just had to have them.


The other two books I got were the third and seventh Harry Potter books because those were the only two I didn’t own, and I am planning on finally reading them over break.


My Nana bought me this adorable mug that says Eat Sleep Read, and I can’t wait to drink hot chocolate or something in it later, though knowing me, it will probably just sit on my bookshelf because it is just so cute!


Something you might already know is that I have an obsession with journals. I try to use up one before I write in another, but it doesn’t stop me from buying new ones all the time. It is also my go to gift for my non-bookish friends. I love this new one because it’s leather and simple, but it still looks kind of fancy.


And the final amazing present I got from my Nana is a new desk! I always had to do all of my homework and blogging on the floor in my room, because my sister took over my desk in the playroom. Now I have a space just for me to do all the things I need to do. I know this isn’t necessarily bookish, but it kind of has to do with my blog (or at least that’s what I am telling myself to justify it being in here).

I had one of the most amazing Holidays this year, and I hope you all did as well.

Tell me what you all got over the holidays. Any books or bookish items? Anything else you are super excited about getting?



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