2015 Challenge Wrap-up

Since we are ringing in the New Year tonight, I thought it would be a good time to reflect on my successes and failures of 2015 before moving forward with the year. I know this is a little cheesy, but I swear it feels like I was just saying this same thing yesterday rather than a year ago, but anyways, here ya go.

So my first goal of 2015 was to read 75 books, which I later changed to 50 books; however, I failed this challenge, only reading 43 books this year. 😥


The second challenge was the I Dare You Bingo. I was able to complete the following challenges.

Created with Microsoft Fresh Paint
Created with Microsoft Fresh Paint

So even though I didn’t complete the whole thing like I planned, I think I did pretty well.

I also wanted to do the Epic Reads wheel; however, I quickly found out that I am a mood reader, so I couldn’t get into some of the books for certain months.


The last challenge I set for the year was to post on here once a week, and that was an obvious failure. Sorry.

How did your 2015 go? Let me know below. Overall this wasn’t my best reading year, but there is always next year.



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