Book Review Policies/ Requests

If you want me to read and review a certain book, be it one you wrote or something that you read and think I should check out, please read the guidelines below, and email me ( with the answers to the questions listed.

1) I don’t want any books that include explicit sexual content, because I am a minor.

2) If you send me a book, I will try to give you a deadline as to when I will have a review up. If I somehow forget to post a review before the deadline is up, feel free to start bugging me about it. Otherwise, if the deadline is not finished, give me time.

3) If I do not provide a deadline, you can bother me about it 6 weeks after you have sent the book, and I will give you an update on my progress.

4) These will be HONEST reviews, so that means they will not always be positive. Please respect my opinions of any books I review.

5) At the same time, I am still fairly young, so I may not fully understand where you were trying to go with a topic. If you believe something I said was untrue, feel free to contact me, and I will review what you said, and possibly edit my review accordingly.

6) Print books are much appreciated, however, I will accept ebooks, as well. *If it is a printed copy, I will email you my mailing address.*

7) I will respond to all requests within a week of receiving them. If I do not accept your book, it may just be that I know it would be a while until I would be in the mood to read that particular genre. I do not feel it would be fair to accept a book, then not review it for another six months.

If you want to send me a book that I should review, email me with the following information:

1) Your name

2) Title, Synopsis, Genre, and Author name (If it isn’t your book)

3) Whether or not you are sending it, or I need to buy it

4) Ebook or Printed Copy

5) Why do you want me to read this book? What makes it different from other books?

If you have any questions, you can leave a comment on here, and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible! Thanks!



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