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Shadowhunters TV Show Review of Episodes 1 & 2

I was pleseantly suprised when I was watching the tv show. Yes, there were a lot of things that bugged me about it, but for the most part, I understood why they changed the things that they did. I think seeing how much of a train wreck the movie was made me a little more prepared for the changes in the show, because I understand that the book doesn’t necessarily translate well into video format. I think episode 2 was better than episode 1, mostly because they dropped several one-liners from the books about, like, Izzy’s cooking and “Shadowhunters looking better in black…” The firsy time I watched them, I saw it through rose colored glasses, and by that I mean that I was expecting it to be horrible, so when I first saw them, I didn’t notice all the things that were weird. The second time I watched them, my friend and I started writing out lists while we watched them of the things we liked or didn’t like. I made a list for the second episode, which is here: 

What’s with the rune that takes away the glamour on the institute?

How did seeing the institute mean there is a war?

Stupid circle rune

Jace’s father wasnt killed in the circle revolt jace wasnt even born at the time

“The runes may be less lethal (than izzy’s cooking)”

“Dont eat the food”

And luke transforms in the middle of a freaking parking lot

Fairchild name drop

Hodge sounds like he had a crush on jocelyn

Stupid rune curse why the hell wouldnt he be able to talk about the circle?

Hodge sounds like he’s on drugs

The mortal cup does not let people control demons, he did that with demon blood

How would hodge have made a deal with valentine if he couldnt talk about the circle without falling over?

Because that is the first thing that comes to mind when someone in a traumatic situation is a memory wipe spell. 

Izzy room has white which is a shadowhunter mourning color


Ew that was just creepy (he’a the ultimate protector) you are basically his freaking sister and it sounds like you have a crush on him

What is up with Luke’s boss? She has been in it too much to not have anything to do with the shadow world

If jace’s father died in the revolt that means jace was ten which would have meant he was eleven years older than clary because jocelyn was barely pregnant at the time of the revolt

The seelie dont work with the clave even involving valentine so how would the clave send seelie scouts

Weird freaking necklace

Shadowhunter mobile!

They finally called dot dorothea

I thought they were gonna get to talk to magnus! I was waiting for Alec to meet him, plus magnus was never THAT hostile towards shadowhunters

Yes, let’s follow the weird necklace visions


Why are they afraid of the silent brothers?

The city of bones

Ugh the city of bones is supposed to be in a cemetery 

“Are you kidding me? I was born afraid, which sounded a lot better in my head.”

She tried to freaking tell you but you wouldnt listen

Yes, it makes perfect sense that the reason you felt out of place is because you were part of a secret race of demon hunters so you shouldn’t be at all worried

Did he inject her with demon blood bc it’s black?

Why does mundane blood hurt shadownunters and demon blood hirt warlocks? Shadowhunters are half human half angel and warlocks are half human half demon so why does their blood hurt them?

Rune in the graffiti 

Soul sword

Why would she die?

Jace wouldn’t have let her done anything he thought would hurt her

You’re clary freaking fray

Why would the rune energy kill a mundane?

God, izzy is an obnoxious flirt

Does his captain know he is a werewolf? Because she is a little too suspicious if she thinks he is normal


The descent into hell is easy

Looking better in black than the widows over our enemies

It’s cute, you assume i have feelings. I dont. 

I circle members forfeit their right to be buried there, does that mean mayrse and robert wouldn’t be buried there either?

The silent brothers masks look like air dry clay from michaels or something

Where’s “it” going?

Of course there is already a vampire in the truck

Why wouldn’t they check if she was actually asleep before talking about what they are hiding from her?

Why did she find out about valentine so early?

Stop wasting time talking to jocelyn and get the hell out of there

The other guy had a seizure after being stabbed and this guy died fairly peacefully

So is dot dead now?

You think clary is a spy? Why would she tell jace that valentine was her father if she was a spy?

Still no rat simon in the show
I am going to try and post some more of these as the season goes on so I can see how my opinions change as the show progresses. I want to give it some leeway for a while, because they have a lot to try and set up, so I don’t want to judge it on the littlw things yet, but it has potential. 

Tell me what you thought about the show. Were there certain things that bothered you? Things you liked? Things you hope are included/changed later in the season?