Childhood Books

So my sister and I were going through some old doll clothes today, when I found these boxes that my mom had filled with some of our old books that we don’t read anymore. For some reason, I decided that it would be a great idea to take out all of my old chapter books that I found and put them on my second shelf, behind my bean bag. Doing this brought back so many memories of being little (sorry for being a little cheesy🙈). 

When I was younger, everytime that I slept over at my Nana’s house, we would make a day out of it. We would get up early, and go to Books and Borders (which is sadly closed now😭). She would let me pick out any boon I wanted, while she looked at the gatdening and cooking books. At the time, I was obsessed with the fairies books by Daisy Meadows, and the Droon Chronicles by Tony Abbott. Once I picked out my book, we would go out to eat before my mom came to take me home. 

It’s wierd how when I look at these books, I get little images in my head about when I got them or something that happened when I was reading them. I always tell people that I wasn’t a reader until fifth grade, but seeing some of my old childhood chapter books makes me realize I always was (again cheesy, I know😕). 

What books do you have fond memories of as a child? I kind of want to reread some of them this summer. They look so tiny now, but when I finished a 177 page book in a day (with pages that look like this), I ran around telling my whole family.  

 I do still wish I found my Droon books, though. I owned almost every single one of them (I even have the special edition one about the villian’s back story on my main shelf). 

I guess I am still a child, and some of the books I read now will seem just as juvenile in a couple years, but nostalgia is weird, in that it makes ne miss those times. 

Sorry for posting so late today, big test coming up😟. 



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